Commit to 90. What is it?
Clean slate this fall and make yourself a priority. Improve your health and wellness in our 90-day fall challenge. Over the course of 13 weeks participants will embark on a transformative journey with support from staff, fellow challengers and teachers. 

Commit to 90 has been designed to help you establish a lifetime of positive habits. In a world full of fad diets, cleanses and detoxes we all know there is no quick fix. Heal your relationship with food, recover from chronic pain or an injury, alleviate stress and anxiety, regulate your blood pressure, and lower cholesterol.  

Commit to 90 is a three month program built around a challenge format to encourage you to take steps towards creating a life you want to live for the long haul. Each week, participants are rewarded with points for taking class, as well as the challenge of the week: for example, trying out batch cooking and meal prep for the week or trying a guided meditation. The challenger with the most points at the end of the 13 weeks will win the Commit to 90 gift basket, which is valued at over $500.
What does the challenge include?

Unlimited yoga classes for 13 weeks

Weekly nutrition education emails and Live Facebook videos with Erin Holt

Participants choice of three or five offered workshops and events

Who is the challenge for?

Anyone who is looking to improve their health or make changes in their life. Commit to 90 will be a great program if you struggle with stress, anxiety, anger management, chronic illness or injury, trauma or PTSD, disordered eating, depression, addiction, body dysmorphia or obesity.

Who are the challenge providers?

Our holistic nutritionist, Erin Holt will lead challengers through a nutrition program, focusing on a different topic each week. Erin will help participants work through underlying issues with food, heal disordered relationships with eating and help participants learn how to listen to their bodies again and fuel themselves with food. Erin is a holistic nutritionist who specializes in eating to heal chronic illness and autoimmune disease. In addition to the weekly nutrition topics, Erin will provide Live Facebook videos each week where you can get questions answered and receive guidance. She will moderate a private Facebook group for all challengers to connect, share information and ask questions. Stop dieting forever and start eating. 

Cheri Keirstead, our holistic healer will be leading the Emotional Freedom Technique workshop. This workshop will train participants in the "Tapping" technique that helps to calm your nervous system and halt the fight or flight response which lowers cortisol levels. With EFT you can change how your brain reacts to stress and triggers associated with trauma, self-image, food, stress and more. Last year, EFT was a very effective tool for participants.  

We will have Dr. Ronald Ceppetelli serving as our staff clinician. Dr. Ceppetelli will review intake forms and be available for additional therapeutic support and consultation if needed. 

When is the challenge?

When is the challenge?September 9th - December 9th, 2018 
The kick off meeting (not a yoga class) will be at Sunday, September 9th at 11:00 am. This meeting is a free event. Come learn about the program, meet the staff and ask questions.  Cost: $589

Support Staff & Workshops:

Erin is a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher who connects all the work you do on your mat with all the health and wellness choices outside the hot room. Erin will share weekly Facebook live videos on different topics each week where she will answer your most pressing questions. Her educational nutrition program will help unearth issues around disordered eating, chronic dieting and common myths about nutrition. Erin specializes in treating autoimmune disease and from a nutritional standpoint. Stop dieting. Start eating. 

The EFT workshop led by holistic healer, Cheri Keristead will train participants in the "Tapping" technique that works to calm the limbic system all while addressing the roots of our disordered thinking. With EFT you can change how your brain reacts to stress and triggers associated with trauma, self-image, food, stress and more. Not sure about this one?  Learn more here.

Learn more about the benefits of backward bending and spine health. Learn more here.

Go deeper and look not only at what’s going on physiologically within the body, but what’s happening emotionally and energetically as well.

Join Ashely from Baron Art to unwind and get your creative juices flowing with a 4:30 yoga class followed by a guided paint night. Learn more here.

Dr. Ronald Ceppetelli will serve as our staff clinician should any additional therapeutic support be needed. Learn more here.

Are you looking for support on your journey to sobriety? Start yoga classes in a safe environment to keep you focused on your goals and feeling better. At the studio we offer an 8 week sober yogis challenge. These 8 weeks are designed to jumpstart not only your yoga practice but also your recovery. All ages and levels of fitness who are in active sobriety are welcome to join. This program is on a rolling admission. Register for classes anytime, sign up for a weekly meeting and start feeling great. 

Participants are required to take 5 classes per week for 8 weeks combined with one weekly group counseling session. If the challenge is completed the participant will receive one month of unlimited yoga for free.

Interested in joining? Send us an email to get started.